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I have something specific on my wedding day, will you film and photograph that too?

If there is anything happening during your day that you don't see specifically in our packages, let us know about it during our pre-wedding meeting, or simply give us a call to discuss it. We won't miss it out, we just need to know it's happening.


Do you charge extra for anything?

There are no hidden costs or travel costs. The price on the website is the price you pay (price guarantee means if price change, your price at booking remains the same)

How long will my video be?

The video length will vary based on the aspects of your day. As an example some speeches last for 10 minutes while some last for 40 minutes, similarly with your ceremony. Your video will cover these important aspects of your day from start to finish. Your highlight video will generally be between 4 and 6 minutes. We don't focus on the length of your highlight, more-so capturing your special moments and crafting your story.

How many photos will I get? 

This depends on your package, but you will receive all photos professionally edited digitally usually between 300-500 images. While you will receive within this range of images, we concentrate on capturing beautiful, quality photographs, rather than target numbers.  Along side the printed images offered with each package. additional prints, canvases and bespoke albums are available on request. 

What time do you stay 'till?

Our packages outline the different stages of filming for your wedding day. We don't provide specific times because from our experience timings can change slightly on your day and we wouldn't want to miss anything. We wouldn't disappear and miss your first dance if it had been delayed by an hour. We want to make the best products possible so we stay untill we've got all the footage we need to craft your video or snap that last perfect photo.

What if I have any other questions?

That's simple, just send us an email or feel free to call us. We are happy to help with any of your questions, no matter what they are.